Are Lilies Toxic To Rabbits – A Full Guide

Lilies are often a beautiful addition to the home or to a garden.

However, these attractive plants have a more sinister side.

Unfortunately, lilies are known to have a toxic effect if eaten, with some pets suffering extreme poisoning from just one bite of a lily.

Cats for example should never be in a house with lilies, just one bite is enough to lead to potentially fatal poisoning.

But how about rabbits? Rabbits are well known for their enjoyment of nibbling away at any plants they find, so is there a risk of poisoning if a rabbit did eat a lily.

In this article, I’ll explain the risks of lilies and let you know what the effects of eating a lily could be for your rabbit.

Lilies are potentially toxic to rabbits. Although their effects do not seem as bad as with some other animals such as cats, there have still been some reports from The Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) of rabbits being poisoned from ingesting lilies.

Why are lilies poisonous

Unfortunately, we do not know the exact chemical that makes lilies toxic to various animals.

We do know that some animals react far worse than others. For example, cats can suffer very badly if they eat any part of a lily and the effects can be fatal.

Some lilies are also more harmful than others, but as a general rule, you should avoid having lilies in your house if you have any pets who might be able to reach them, rabbit included.

Can lilies harm rabbits?

Lilies can cause harm to rabbits but they don’t seem to have the extreme toxic effects that they have on other pets such as cats.

However, lilies should still be avoided as your rabbit could be poisoned by certain types of lilies.

Lilies should not be planted in the garden where your rabbit may be able to reach them. They are safe indoors as long as they are placed on a high surface that your rabbit cannot reach.

Which part of a lily is poisonous

All of a lily is toxic so you shouldn’t allow your rabbit to eat any part of a lily.

That includes the stem, bulb, petals and leaves, the entirety of a lily can harm a rabbit.

Can eating a lily kill my rabbit

Luckily, rabbits don’t seem to react as badly to the toxicity of lilies as cats do.

If a rabbit only eats a small amount of lily then the effects should be minimal, but if they have ingested a lot of a lily then there could be more cause for concern.

If that’s the case you should seek veterinary advice immediately.

Eating just a petal or so of a lily could cause some digestive issues that your rabbit should be able to overcome fairly quickly.

You may notice a decrease in their activity levels or possibly diarrhea.

If this occurs make sure they have plenty of water to stop them from dehydrating and try feeding them high water content foods such as bell peppers, along with some hay.

If the symptoms persist for longer than a day you may want to consult with your vet.

Should I keep lilies in my house if I have a rabbit

Unlike cats, rabbits aren’t the greatest climbers!

It is safe to have lilies in your house as long as there is no chance your rabbit could come into contact with it.

That means it should be high up and not in the same room as your rabbit would usually be.

If you have children in your household you may also want to consider the risk of them accidentally giving a lily to your rabbit or lifting the rabbit to within reach of the lily.

If there is any chance that your rabbit could come in contact with lilies then I would advise not having them in your house or garden at all.

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