Best Treats and Toys For Pet Rats – From Personal Experience

Rats are amazing pets.

Their intelligence is so clear and obvious, making them a much more interesting pet to won than many other similar rodents.

It also makes playing and treating them even more entertaining as they love to be stimulated both physically and mentally.

But what exactly makes a good treat for a pet rat? Are certain treats better than others, can treats be unhealthy for pet rats?

In this article, I’ll run through my thoughts on what makes a good treat for a pet rat, based on my own experience of owning rats.

I’ll show you some great ‘human’ foods that your pet rat will love as a treat, as well and some great products you can buy.

Hopefully the information in this article will help to make your rat’s life even more enjoyable.

The best way to treat your pet rat is by using a mentally and physically stimulating treat such as the Kathson Bunny Chew Toy. It makes getting their treat a challenge that your rats will really enjoy as they have to climb for their treat.

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I’ve also listed lots of other human treats and treats you can buy below too, so be sure to check those out to see what your rat might like.

What makes a good treat for rats

Rats are super intelligent, you can teach them their own name, you can even teach them to use a certain part of their cage as a toilet, try doing that with a hamster!

That doesn’t seem to have much to do with treats but it does. Rats are so clever that they need treats to lead a happy life.

Pet rats need to be mentally stimulated, they need to see, taste and play with new objects and flavors.

That’s the key to having a happy rat. And it’s also the key to giving them a good treat.

I think the best way to treat rats is with something creative. Something they have to work a bit for.

You can buy simple chew sticks and things online, but honestly I think they are a bit dull for a rat. Sure, they’ll sit there and eat it, but what a rat really wants is a challenge.

If you’re just looking for something for your rat to eat then take a look at my ‘human’ treats for rats below, it’ll save you money as you can just use things from your fridge and I’m sure they’ll enjoy it more than a boring chew stick.

No, the best rat treats are half treats, half toy, something hanging from the top of their cage or something that hides a tasty treat in the middle.

Something they have to think about in order to be rewarded.

Trust me, they will find it far more enjoyable than just being handed a chew stick.

The right treat will give your rat exercise, both physically and mentally.

So first, let’s look at some simple ‘human’ foods that you can give your rat as a treat. Then we’ll look at some more fun treats you can buy.

Easy ‘human’ treats for rats

Here are some ideas of great ‘human’ foods to treat your pet rat to.

To make things a bit more interesting you can slide these foods between the bars of their cage so they have to climb to get them.

Just make sure nothing is left, or hidden, in their cage as they might start to rot.

Bell peppers

These are probably my favorite human treats for pet rats.

Try to use the red ones, they contain the most nutrients, but really any bell pepper is fine.

The reason they are great for rats is that they are sweet and tasty but hard enough to not get mushy and create a mess in their cage (some other things like bananas can get tangled in their bedding).

But that’s not it, bell peppers don’t contain that much sugar, considering how sweet they can be. A bell pepper will, pound for pound, have less than half the sugar of an apple.

That means you can treat your rat to a good amount, without the risk of sugary side effects like high blood pressure.

The final benefit is that bell peppers have a very high water content and will help to hydrate your rat. That’s useful if you’re playing with them a lot in the day, outside of their cage where they don’t have access to their water bottle.


Eggs are packed full with nutrients and rats absolutely love them.

The most nutritious part is the yolk, but the white is fine to eat too as long as it’s been cooked.

Egg is a bit more likely to go funky if it’s left in their cage so I’d recommend feeding them egg outside their cage, or at least making sure they have eaten it all (not hidden some away for later) if you do feed them in their cage.

The only downside is that eggs are quite high in calories, so you shouldn’t feed your rats eggs very often otherwise they are likely to gain weight.


Rats can eat pretty much any mainstream fruit (don’t let them have apple seeds though, they are toxic).

They make a great treat and are full of beneficial nutrients but most fruits are so sugary that you should really only give them very small quantities.

Instead of giving your rats a whole segment of apple. I like to cut the fruit up into little pieces that they can pick up with their hands.

Like eggs, you should only give your rats fruit very occasionally and in small amounts as the excess sugar could affect their health if you’re not careful.

Personally, I like to use blueberries. One blueberry already comes in a little rats sized package and acts as the perfect weekly treat for a pet rat.

Best treats and Toys to buy for pet rats

Kaytee Perfect Chews

View on Amazon (opens new tab)

This wooden chew toy can provide plenty of entertainment for your rat.

It can be hung from the top of the cage, creating a challenge where your rat will have to climb to get its reward.

Rats are outstanding climbers and are even able to climb upside down on the top of the cafe with relative ease.

They will have loads of fun trying to reach and chew on this robust toy and it should make a great treat for any pet rat.

You can take a look at the Kaytee Perfect Chews toy on Amazon here

Kathson Bunny Chew Toy

View on Amazon (opens new tab)

This is a similar idea as the first toy I’ve mentioned, but it’s a little tastier!

This is an edible toy so your rat can not only enjoy the challenge of having to climb to get to the treat but then they can also enjoy eating it too!

It’s designed for rabbits so it’s a good size but it’s also perfectly fine to use as a treat for your rats.

You can take a look at the Kathson Bunny Chew Toy on Amazon here

Niteangel Treat Ball

View on Amazon (opens new tab)

This is a great toy to use when treating your rat.

You can place any treat in the middle, whether that’s a rat specific treat product or one of the ‘human’ foods I’ve mentioned above is up to you.

It gives your rat a bit more of a challenge, having to twist, turn and roll the ball in all directions in order to release the treats inside.

I would recommend using this with your rat out of the cage where you can supervise.

Rats love to gnaw and if you leave this in their cage there’s a good chance they will chew right through the plastic.

It’s a fun toy and you can take a look at the Niteangel Treat Ball on Amazon here

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