Can Degus Eat Eggs – Full Guide

Eggs seem like a healthy and harmless snack but we should usually throw away our assumptions about food when feeding our pets.

You can often be surprised about which foods animals should and shouldn’t eat.

Let’s take a look at whether degus should eat eggs, and whether they even will if given the opportunity.

Degus can not eat eggs. The digestive system of a degu is not capable of dealing with animal products like eggs and they can cause a digestive upset.

Degus are herbivorous and their digestive system will struggle with foods like eggs.

Now that we know eggs aren’t good for a degu, let’s look at whether they would even eat them anyway.

Will degus eat eggs

Degus tend not to eat eggs even if they are offered to them.

Adult degus should know which foods they can safely eat on instinct.

However, as with most domestic pets, this instinct can be dulled when they aren’t in the wild as they probably haven’t ever come across any dangerous foods that they can learn from.

Since they have just been fed safe food their whole life they may assume that egg is ok to eat too.

Therefore, although domestic degus are still unlikely to eat an egg there’s always a chance that they will.

You should avoid letting your degu have the opportunity to eat any raw or cooked egg, just in case their instincts don’t kick in.

Are eggs bad for degus

Eggs are bad for degus if they ingest them. Degus are herbivores and simply don’t have the required digestive system to handle products like eggs.

Degus should not eat eggs of any kind, which includes boiled eggs, raw eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs or poached eggs.

Since degus can’t digest animal products properly, the cooking method is basically irrelevant, they just can’t eat eggs of any kind.

If a degu does ingest eggs they are likely to suffer from digestive issues such as diarrhea.

Degus should get all the nutrients they require from a normal daily diet of leafy greens and hay.

Can eating eggs kill a degu

It’s unlikely that eating an egg would be enough to kill a degu.

Eggs are not toxic to degus and eating them would just upset their digestive system at most.

They are also pretty unlikely to eat eggs in the first place as adult degus should disregard eggs as food on instinct.

On the odd chance that your degu does eat eggs, the immediate impacts shouldn’t cause much of an issue.

However; the digestive issues caused by the egg could cause your degu harm.

The largest threat is likely to be diarrhea.

If your degu develops diarrhea after eating eggs then they can become quickly dehydrated, and it can be difficult for their digestive system to absorb the required nutrients from its food.

The best way to combat diarrhea is to give your degu plenty of water and small amounts of food with high water content, such as bell pepper.

This will help to keep your degu hydrated whilst the egg works its way out of their body and they can start getting back to normal.

If diarrhea lasts for longer than a day you may want to consult with your vet.

Can degus eat egg shells

Eggshells are often used by pet owners to get extra calcium into their pets’ diets. Degus are able to eat eggshells; however, they wouldn’t require much.

Calcium is an important part of a degu’s diet, it has to be to keep those teeth healthy!

However; too much calcium can thicken your degu’s urine and can lead to urinary tract infections or bladder stones.

Generally I would recommend against giving your degu egg shells because it isn’t really necessary, and they won’t even get much enjoyment from them.

However; If you do decide to give them eggshells you should check their urine to ensure they aren’t receiving too much calcium.

The best way to feed eggshells to any pet is to grind it up into a powder and then mix it with their food.

This can be beneficial to young degus as they will require plenty of calcium as they grow.

Adult degus won’t generally need this extra calcium boost though, they should get enough from their daily diet.

Degus have a very keen sense of smell, so they may reject any food you grind up eggshells into, but that will really be dependent on how picky the degu is, some might even appreciate the variety.

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