Can Degus Eat Grapes – Full Guide

It’s not always easy to know which fruits and vegetables are safe to give to our pets.

Many foods that are found for humans to eat can be harmful to animals, some everyday foods can even be toxic.

In this article, I’ll talk about whether our degus can eat grapes, whether there are any health benefits from eating grapes for degus and how many grapes degus can eat.

Degus should not eat grapes. Degus are herbivores who have evolved to eat high-fiber grasses. As a result, the digestive system of a degu struggles to cope with high sugar content foods like grapes.

Although grapes are known to be toxic to some animals, such as dogs, they are not known to be toxic to degus.

However, degus are intolerant to sugar and there are some significant health risks of degus eating grapes.

The health risks of grapes for degus

There’s one major risk to feeding degus grapes, and that’s the high sugar content.


This is the largest risk of degus eating sugary food like grapes.

The gastrointestinal tracts of a degu are intolerant to sugar. If they digest too much sugar degus can quickly develop diabetes.

Degus are very poor at regulating their blood glucose levels and as a result, they can become diabetic very easily.

High sugar foods of any kind should be avoided.

Degus can handle foods with a bit of sugar, like carrots, in tiny amounts. But high sugar foods like grapes are just a no-go-zone for degus.

Can degus eat raisins

Raisins are basically dehydrated grapes, as a result, raisins are not safe for degus to eat.

The sugar content is very concentrated in raisins and excess sugar from raisins can quickly lead to diabetes in a degu as they are not able to process it.

It’s much easier to overfeed your degu raisins due to their smaller size so they should not have access to any raisins at all, they can be very dangerous to their health.

How many grapes can a degu eat

Degus should not be allowed to eat any grapes at all.

They can become diabetic so easily that eating high sugar content foods like grapes poses a serious threat to their health.

Can a degu eat green grapes

Degus cannot eat green grapes.

The high sugar content can quickly lead to diabetes.

Can a degu eat red grapes

Degus can not eat red grapes either.

Red grapes are also very high in sugar and eating them could quickly lead to your Degu developing diabetes.

My degu just ate a grape

You might be here because your degu has already eaten a grape.

Don’t panic, sugar is undoubtedly dangerous for degus but it should take more than one hit of sugar to cause long term diabetic effects.

If your degu has only eaten grape once then they should be fine, just make sure not to feed them any sugary foods in the future.

Can degus eat grape stems

Even though degus should not eat grapes, the stem of the grape is perfectly fine for your degu to have.

It’s the sugar of the fruit that is dangerous, so your degu will be fine eating the stem/vine of the grapes, just as long as there are no grapes still attached!

Always feed your degu any new food with caution

Degus should never be fed high sugar content foods like grapes.

I think that highlight the importance of checking which foods are suitable for your pets before giving them any new food.

It would be quite easy to assume something renown as being healthy, like grapes, would be fine found in a degu, but they certainly aren’t.

Even after you have checked whether a food is ok for your Degu, you should be aware that all degus will have slightly different levels of tolerance and digestive behaviors.

Always monitor your Degu after giving them any new food, even if it is generally thought of as safe.

Look for signs of digestive issues, this is quite hard to spot in degus but diarrhea is the most obvious sign, or you might notice they are less active too.

If you see those symptoms you should stop feeding your degu the new food and try an alternative.

If the symptoms persist you should consult with your vet.

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