Can Degus Eat Mealworms – Full Guide

Mealworms are often cited as a great treat for some of our smaller pets.

Many hamsters and mouse owners like to feed their pets mealworms as these animals will often eat insects they find in the wild.

That means a mealworm can act as a natural treat for them and provides plenty of beneficial nutrients.

But how about degus? Can degus eat mealworms? Would they want to in the first place? And are mealworms safe to eat for degus?

I’ve done some research and in this article, I’ll give you some details about whether Degus should eat mealworms.

Degus should not be fed mealworms. Degus are herbivores, with the majority of their diet in the wild coming from high fiber grasses. They would not generally eat insects and doing so could cause a digestive upset.

Can eating mealworms harm a Degu

Eating mealworms is likely to upset a degu’s digestive system and you should not feed your degu mealworms or any other insect.

Degus are likely to ignore insects as they are not a regular food source for them, even in the wild.

Other rodents such as masters and rats are omnivores, which means they will happily eat a wide variety of food, including insects.

However, as Degus are herbivores their natural diet consists mainly of high fiber grasses, which is quite different from other rodent species.

As a result, it is likely that your degu’s digestive system would not be capable of digesting insects such as mealworms.

Meal works could cause digestive upsets such as diarrhea and should not be fed to Degus.

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