Can Ducks Eat Carrots – A Full Guide

It’s always nice to give our animals a treat now and again.

And it’s even better if that treat can be healthy, but knowing what animals can and cannot eat isn’t always as simple as just feeding them foods that are healthy for humans.

Not all foods that are suitable for humans are suitable for ducks, so it’s always best to check before giving them any new foods.

In this article, I’m looking at whether ducks can eat carrots, and I’ll dig into the potential health benefits of carrots as well as answering a number of frequently asked questions such as how to actually feed carrots to ducks.

Ducks can eat carrots. Ducks are ominous and so they can safely enjoy a range of plant and animals based foods. However; carrots should only be regarded as an occasional treat for a duck as they are high in sugar.

Let’s first take a look at the main health benefits and risks of carrots for ducks, then we’ll move on to some frequently asked questions.

Health benefits of carrots for ducks

Vitamin A

Remember the old myth about carrots helping you to see in the dark, well that’s because of vitamin A.

And it’s actually kind of true, vitamin A does help to support good eye health and it helps to maintain strong immune and cell functions.

Vitamin A is also great for young ducks as vitamin A deficiency can stunt growth.


This mineral will aid muscle growth, boost their metabolism and help to maintain a good nervous system and cognitive function.

Potassium also works in combination with calcium to strengthen bones.


This nutrient is great for the digestive system.

It is fermented into fatty acids which sit in your degus digestive tract.

These fatty acids prevent the build-up of potentially harmful bacteria in the intestine. Fiber also helps the colon to recover from any damage.

Low in calories

One thing that carrots don’t have much of is calories

That is of course great for keeping weight gain to a minimum.

That great for a treat as your duck should already get all the fat requirements from their regular diet.

Health risks of carrots for ducks

Excess sugar

Carrots contain natural sugar which can lead to weight gain when excess sugar is converted to fat.

Of course, this will often lead to negative health effects for ducks. Conditions caused by excess weight can include heart disease and high blood pressure.

Increased weight can also put more pressure on the body as a whole, leading to quicker deterioration of muscles and limbs.

Excess fiber

Whilst fiber in the correct quantities can help maintain a well functioning digestive system, too much fiber can actually begin to cause digestive issues.

Excess fiber can cause problems such as diarrhea and constipation, these conditions can cause further issues as the digestive system cannot probably absorb all the nutrients and minerals from other foods.

Can ducks eat carrot tops

Ducks can eat carrot tops and they don’t have the high sugar risk of the actual carrot.

The leafy top of a carrot is full of nutrients and does not contain lots of sugar like the rest of the carrot.

If you’re planning to feed carrot tops to ducks then it’s a good idea to chop them up into nice, small pieces.

That’ll make them much easier for the ducks to swallow as feeding them a whole carrot top, which can be a little long and stringy, is a potential choking hazard.

So don’t throw away the carrot tops if you do have them, they are a fantastic treat for your ducks.

Carrot tops pose hardly any health risks; the only real concern would be excess fiber, so just don’t feed your ducks carrot tops every day.

Can ducks eat carrot peel

Ducks can eat carrot peel.

The carrot peel has all the same nutrients as the rest of the carrot and the peel actually contain a higher amount of Vitamin C than the inner carrot.

There’s no need to peel a carrot before feeding it to ducks.

Can ducks eat cooked carrot

Ducks can eat cooked carrot and it will actually help their digestive system to more easily absorb the nutrients.

Cooked foods can be more easily digested as cooking has already begun to break up the food.

The negative to this is that the sugars of the carrot can also be more easily digested. That means the body needs to use less energy during digestion and so more sugar could be stored as fat.

You don’t have to worry about that too much though, just feed ducks slightly less cooked carrot than you might do raw carrot.

How much carrot should a duck eat

Carrot should be considered a treat for a duck and not part of a regular daily diet.

That’s due to the high sugar content which will far excess what they actually need if fed daily.

Having said that, carrot is generally a very healthy treat so you can be quite generous when feeding it.

I would recommend feeding no more than half a raw carrot every few days per duck, assuming they aren’t receiving any other high sugar treat in the meantime.

If the carrot is cooked then feed them a bit less, or wait a longer period between each time they have carrot.

How to feed carrot to a duck

Whenever feeding a duck hard foods like raw carrot it’s always a good idea to cut them up into very small pieces.

That allows the duck to easily swallow the food without any risk of choking.

I would also recommend feeding them carrots in a bowl of water. This makes it easier for them to eat and is a more natural way of feeding.

Feel free to experiment and give them a range of vegetables as a treat with their carrot, such as peas or green beans.

Just be sure to adjust how much of each you give them to ensure they aren’t eating too many sugary foods.

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