Can Rabbits Eat Eggs – A Complete Guide

Who doesn’t enjoy a lovely egg?

I know I do, poached, fried, scrambled, they are always delicious.

They are also a natural product that many pet owners like to treat their pets to, they are full of protein and all sorts of beneficial nutrients.

But not all pets are the same, some animals cannot eat foods that we would generally assume are safe.

You may be wondering whether it’s ok to feed your rabbit eggs so that they can get all of those beneficial nutrients, and of course, it seems much more appealing than chewing on dry hay!

Let’s explore whether rabbits are able to eat eggs, or if there is any other way to get similar nutrients into their system.

Rabbits can not eat eggs. Rabbits are herbivores and only eat plant-based foods. Eating eggs, either raw or cooked, is very likely to cause a digestive upset in your rabbit and so they should be avoided.

Will rabbits eat eggs

Rabbits will generally avoid eating eggs even if you offer one to them.

Adult rabbits generally have good instincts on whether food may be harmful to them or not.

However, as with most domestic pets, this instinct can be dull when they aren’t a wild animal and it becomes less important to evaluate what they eat.

Since they have just been fed safe food their whole life they may assume that egg is ok to eat too.

Therefore, although rabbits are unlikely to eat an egg there’s always a chance that they will, so you should avoid letting them have any contact with raw or cooked eggs.

Are eggs bad for rabbits

Eggs are bad for rabbits if they ingest them. Rabbits are herbivores and simply don’t have the required digestive system to handle products like eggs.

A rabbit’s digestive system will not be able to efficiently process dairy products such as eggs and ingesting eggs is likely to lead to digestive issues such as diarrhea.

Although there are plenty of nutrients in eggs there is actually far more than your rabbit will need and it’s likely to have a negative, unbalancing effect on them.

Rabbits should get all the nutrients they require from a normal daily diet of leafy greens and hay.

Can eating eggs kill a rabbit

It’s unlikely that eating an egg would be enough to kill a rabbit.

Eggs are not toxic to rabbits and would just upset their digestive system at most.

However, the effects of digestive issues could cause your rabbit severe harm, and even be fatal, if not treated.

The largest threat is likely to be diarrhea. If your rabbit develops diarrhea after eating eggs then they can become quickly dehydrated, and it can be difficult for their digestive system to absorb the required nutrients from its food.

The best way to combat diarrhea is to give your rabbit plenty of water and small amounts of food with high water content, such as bell pepper.

This should ensure they at least remain hydrated whilst their body flushes out any remaining egg from their digestive system.

If diarrhea lasts for longer than a day you may want to consult with your vet.

Can rabbits eat egg shells

Eggshells are often used by pet owners to get extra calcium into their pets’ diets.

Rabbits are able to eat eggshells; however, they shouldn’t eat much.

Calcium is an important part of a rabbit’s diet, it has to be to keep those teeth healthy!

However; unlike other animals, rabbits aren’t able to regulate how much calcium they absorb and will absorb almost all the calcium they ingest.

Too much calcium will thicken your rabbit’s urine and can lead to urinary tract infections.

If you do decide to give them eggshells you should check their urine to ensure they aren’t receiving too much calcium.

The best way to feed eggshells to any pet is to grind it up into a powder and then mix it with their food.

This can be beneficial to young rabbits as they will require plenty of calcium as they grow.

Rabbits have a very keen sense of smell, so they may reject any food you grind up eggshells into, but that will really be dependent on how picky the rabbit is, some might even appreciate the variety.

Protein alternatives for rabbits

Rabbits don’t need a huge amount of protein in their diet.

In the wild their diet would consist of leafy material which does have a bit of protein, but not much.

However, you are able to buy rabbit food and pellets for domestic rabbits that do have a high amount of protein in them if you wanted to offer them an extra boost.

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