Do Guinea Pigs Hide Food

Small animals often have a reputation for hiding food.

We see it in the wild with squirrels who will hide their nuts for the winter.

We also know about it with other small pets like hamsters who love to stuff their cheeks as much as possible and then hide it all in the corner of the cage.

But how about guinea pigs, do guinea pigs like to hide and store away their food like some other animals? Will guinea pigs eat everything you give them straight away or will they keep a bit for later?

In this article, I’ll discuss what I’ve learned about whether guinea pigs hide their food.

Guinea pigs do not hide food to store it away for later as hamsters and squirrels do. However; when multiple guinea pigs share the same food I have seen reports of one or more stealing excess food from others and hiding it temporarily. This behavior should be stopped as it could mean all your guinea pigs aren’t getting a healthy balanced diet.

Do guinea pigs horde food

Guinea pigs tend to eat everything they can, pretty much as quickly as they can.

Guinea pigs are not a species known for hoarding food for later and you will usually find that your guinea pig will eat all the food you give them.

This is different from some other small pets like hamsters, who will hide away quite large portions of their food for later, a natural habit picked up to help with survival over food-scarce periods.

But guinea pigs don’t have this instinct; however, that doesn’t mean that greediness will stop them from having a few unusual food behaviors!

My guinea pig is stealing food

If you have more than one guinea pig in the same cage then one or more of them might begin to use tactics to get the most food.

Other guinea pig owners have experienced their guinea pigs taking some of the food and hiding it away from the others, even though they might not eat it immediately and will return to it later.

I have even seen reports of a guinea pig blocking off the food bowl by sitting in it, so the others can eat from it!

So if it looks like your guinea pig is hoarding food, they are probably just being greedy and have figured out ways to steal it from their housemates.

How to stop your guinea pig stealing food

If one or more of your guinea pigs seems to be eating more than their fair share of food then you may want to take steps to stop them.

The first thing to try is using a separate bowl for each guinea pig, place them in separate parts of the cage.

When you first do this, pick up and place the relevant guinea pig next to the correct bowl. Continue this daily until your guinea pigs begin to learn which bowl is theirs.

If you stick to a routine then they should start to instantly go to their corner of the cage for their food, giving them less chance to steal from the other guinea pigs.

If that fails then you may need to consider putting a physical barrier between your guinea pigs during feeding time.

Guinea pigs should only be fed foods like pellets and vegetables in moderation, with the vast majority of their diet being hay.

So you can simply physically part your guinea pigs for an hour or so whilst they enjoy their pellets/ vegetables, then they can be left to mingle when they can only access hay for the rest of the day.

Using a simple cardboard wall should be enough to separate them. That way you can easily cut it to the correct size to form a barrier within the cage, then just remove it one they have finished eating.

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