How Often Should a Guinea Pig Be Fed – Full Guide

Sometimes it’s difficult to know how often our pets need to be fed.

As humans, most of us are used to breakfast, lunch and dinner. But most of our pets don’t need this same routine for their diet.

All animals are different too, how often a dog needs to be fed is very different from how often a rabbit needs food.

In this article, I’m going to focus on how often a guinea pig should be fed. I’ll also look into common questions around whether a guinea pig can be overfed and how long they can last without food.

Guinea pigs should have a varied diet of pellets, leafy green vegetables and hay. Pellets and leafy greens should be fed in moderation, usually once a day. Hay should be made available for your guinea pig to graze on constantly throughout the day. Information on how many pellets to feed can be found on the product packaging.

Can you overfeed guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are in danger of being overfed if given too much food.

This only really relates to foods like pellets, which should be given in moderation.

High sugar vegetables should also only be given in moderation as the excess sugar can lead to weight gain.

The majority of a guinea pigs diet should be hay.

Guinea pigs can’t really eat too much hay. Hay should make up the vast majority of their diet and they will graze on it all day long.

Guinea pigs need a lot of fiber in their diet and that’s what hay provides, but it also helps maintain their dental health.

It’s perfectly natural for guinea pigs to graze all day so if it seems like they are eating hay non-stop then don’t worry, it’s the natural way for guinea pigs to eat.

Do guinea pigs stop eating when they are full

Guinea pigs may not stop eating when they are full. They have evolved to graze all day.

That’s fine as long as the majority of their diet is made up of hay and other parts like pellets, leafy greens and treats are only fed in small proportions.

Guinea pigs can happily graze away on hay all day and it shouldn’t have any ill effect on their health.

So if it looks like your guinea pig is constantly eating hay then don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural.

Just take an example from other wild herbivores like rabbits, they eat grass pretty much all day long, it’s what they are designed to do.

Why are guinea pigs always hungry

Guinea pigs are natural grazers. They have evolved to graze all day long and as a result, it may seem like they are constantly hungry.

This is kind of true.

A guinea pig’s instinct is to graze all day so they should have access to hay all day so they can continually graze whenever they want to.

However, this doesn’t mean your guinea pig should have foods like pellets or vegetables all day long as this can lead to weight gain.

Your guinea pig should only have the recommended amount of pellets and leafy green, depending on their weight, every day. Then the rest of their diet should be made up of a constant supply of quality hay.

How do you know if your guinea pig is hungry

Your guinea pig is likely to always seem hungry. Because guinea pigs are natural grazers, they will continually eat throughout the day.

That’s perfectly fine and natural, but it does mean that you need to be aware of exactly how much of each food they should be eating.

Only give foods like pellets and leafy vegetables in moderation. The guidelines for how many pellets you feed them should be shown on the packaging.

Leafy greens can be fed more generously but they should be the bulk of your guinea pig’s diet.

Hay should be available constantly throughout the day.

So be sure to give your guinea pig a constant supply of fresh hay. That way, if they are hungry they will always have something to graze on which won’t lead to weight gain.

How long can a guinea pig go without food or water

Guinea pigs should be allowed to go for very long without any food or water.

They are natural grazers and will usually require a constant supply of hay throughout the day; therefore, even relatively short periods with no food or water can harm a guinea pig.

A guinea pig should never go more than a day without food or water as this can quickly lead to intestinal problems.

If you plan to travel with your guinea pig, ensure that as a minimum they have access to hay and water.

Your guinea pig will be able to survive perfectly well as long as it has a constant supply of hay and water.

How much hay should a guinea pig eat a day

Guinea pigs should be allowed to eat as much hay as they want through the day.

They should have a constant supply of quality fresh hay and they will graze on it throughout the day.

This is perfectly natural behavior and is vital for their digestive and dental health.

If you find that your guinea pig is gaining weight then this is most likely a result of other food they are getting during the day, such as pellets or vegetables.

A lack of exercise could also lead to weight gain.

A guinea pig should be able to graze on as much hay as they want throughout the day without gaining any unhealthy excess weight, so you don’t need to worry about giving them too much hay.

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