Should Rabbits Eat Carrots – The Surprising Truth

A rabbit and their carrot. It’s a classic image.

A rabbit happily sitting back and happily chowing down on a tasty orange carrot.

We all grew up with cartoons showing the love between rabbits and carrots, but is it true in real life?

Do rabbits really love carrots, and more importantly, should rabbits be eating carrots at all?

In this article we will discuss whether rabbits should be eating carrots, are carrots good for rabbits and how much carrots should a rabbit be eating.

Hopefully by the end of this article, you’ll have a bit more knowledge about the real relationship between carrots and rabbits.

Carrots are safe for rabbits to eat; however, their relatively high sugar content means carrots should only be fed to rabbits as an occasional treat, not as part of a regular daily diet.

Rabbits should not eat carrots on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, due to the common association between rabbits and carrots there are many owners who do feed their rabbits carrots daily, thinking that it’s fine.

This is very likely to have a negative effect on the rabbits health long term.

However, eating the occasional carrot can absolutely be beneficial to a rabbit’s health. Let’s take a look at why.

Health benefits of carrots for rabbits

Before we delve into the risks of your rabbits eating too many carrots it’s worth looking at the health benefits because there are plenty!

Vitamin A

Want to see in the dark? Then eat your vitamin A!

That’s the vitamin responsible for the old seeing in the dark myth.

But it’s not as silly as you might think, vitamin A will actually help to support the eye health of your rabbit.

It’s also great for young bunnies as vitamin A deficiency can stunt growth, it’ll also help your rabbit maintain strong immune and cell functions.


This mineral is an essential part of your rabbit’s diet and will aid muscle growth, boost their metabolism and help to maintain a good nervous system and cognitive function.

Potassium also works in combination with calcium to strengthen bones, teeth and hair, keeping your rabbit strong and helping to give a lovely sheen to their coat.


This nutrient has a great impact on the digestive system of a rabbit. It is fermented into fatty acids which sit in your rabbit’s digestive tract.

These fatty acids prevent the build-up of potentially harmful bacteria in the intestine.

Fiber also helps the colon to recover from any damage.

Health risks of carrots for rabbits

It isn’t all good news when it comes to rabbit and carrots.

If rabbits have too much carrot they could suffer from various health impacts.

Carrots are high in sugar

It may come as a surprise given the positive association with carrots as a healthy food (for humans), but they are actually quite high in sugar.

A carrot contains about half the amount of sugar as an apple. For a rabbit, who would rarely eat sugary foods in the wild, that’s a high sugar content.

Excess sugar in your rabbit’s diet can lead to lots of health problems, including high blood pressure, increased cardiac stress and weight gain.

Carrots are difficult for rabbits to digest

In addition to the high sugar content, like all root vegetables carrots are difficult for rabbits to digest.

A rabbit’s natural diet would consist almost entirely of green, leafy foods.

Leafy vegetables such as lettuce and kale are perfect for a rabbit, root vegetables however contain complex carbohydrates and less cellulose, making them difficult to digest.

Your rabbit will be able to handle that every now and again, but putting their digestive system under increased strain on a daily basis is likely to have a negative effect on their long term health.

How much carrot should I give my rabbit

Carrot should only be fed to your rabbit as an occasional treat, it is not something they should eat every day.

I would recommend feeding your rabbit no more than a quarter to half a carrot per week.

How to feed carrots to rabbits

Rabbits can be fed carrot that has simply been halved or quartered.

There is no need to cut the carrot up into little pieces, and your rabbit is likely to enjoy chewing on the carrot in its entirety.

Do rabbits like carrots

Most rabbits love carrots.

That doesn’t mean they are good for them though. The main reason rabbits enjoy carrots is because they are sugary and sweet.

Much like a chocolate bar for humans, rabbits enjoy the sugary taste; however, that same sugar can lead to negative effects on their health if they eat too much carrot, or if they eat carrot often.

Do carrots give rabbits diarrhea

Carrot will not generally cause immediate diarrhea for a rabbit; however, excess carrot can cause an upset in your rabbit’s digestive system.

Rabbits find carrots difficult to digest if there is a build-up of undigested sugar or carbohydrates in your rabbit’s digestive system it creates the potential for bacteria to grow.

Therefore, excess carrot can not only put an initial strain on your rabbit’s digestive system, but the resulting digestive issues could also lead to further difficulties of absorbing nutrients.

What happens if a rabbit eats too many carrots

In the short term, they may just have digestive issues and that could result in diarrhea.

If your rabbit has only eaten excessive amounts of carrot recently and it isn’t a regular occurrence then they will most likely be fine once their digestive system has had a chance to process the carrot, in the meantime you should only feed them easily digestible food.

If your rabbit has been eaten carrot on a regular (i.e. every one or two days) basis for a while then this could have impacted their general health.

You should take action to only feed them a simple and healthy diet, stick to a balanced rabbit food.

Remove all treats from their diet for a month or two to give their body some time to adjust. Daily carrots could result in higher blood pressure so you will want to give them as healthy a diet as possible to counteract any of these negative effects.

After a month or two you should be fine to reintroduce the occasional treat to their diet.

How dangerous are carrots for rabbits

Carrots are relatively safe for rabbits. The danger comes with the reputation that carrots have of being suitable daily food for rabbits.

Instead carrots should be treated the same way we think about humans and chocolate. They are a treat, as a treat carrots are fine for rabbits, they even have some health benefits.

However, if they are eaten frequently, every one or two days, carrots can have a very negative impact on a rabbit’s health.

If your rabbit only has one half to one quarter of a carrot per week then they are unlikely to suffer from any negative health impacts.

Can rabbits eat carrot tops (leaves)

Rabbits can eat carrot tops; however, just like the carrot itself they should only be fed occasionally.

The risks of eating carrots tops aren’t as large as eating carrots and your rabbit will be able to digest them well.

Carrots leaves have high calcium content, that’s great in moderation but too many can cause an imbalance in your rabbit’s diet.

Can all rabbits eat carrots

All rabbits are individuals. Whilst carrots in moderation are perfectly fine for most rabbits there will always be some rabbits who find carrots more difficult to digest.

This could be particularly true for older rabbits.

If your rabbit starts to display digestive issues such as diarrhea, even after only a small amount of carrot, then they might just be particularly sensitive to them.

That’s fine, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong with your rabbit.

Rabbits wouldn’t often eat root vegetables in the wild, so if your rabbit does seem to have a particularly sensitive stomach I would advise avoiding carrots altogether.

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